I am Candi Elm, the creator of Candiland Dessert Company and A Day in Candiland Blog. I am a wife to my wonderful hard working husband, and mom of 3 energetic children. I am a foodie and lover of “baked from scratch” goods. I have been baking since I was a child and specifically remember the time I made a coffee cake for my parents and substituted salt for sugar. I am sure none of you have ever done that, but I consider that the start of my baking journey and I have since developed my sense of taste, smell, and sight when in the kitchen.

Pastry Class

Pastry Class

I created Candiland Dessert Company out of a need to satisfy my clients’ dessert “habit” by letting them appease their craving, even when they have food allergies like wheat and dairy. In developing my recipes, I encountered many people wanted a Gluten Free option along with the choice to be dairy free.  In addition, we deliver your “delights” directly to you to save you time.  If you don’t have any allergies you can choose any of our flavors with traditional high-quality ingredients. You can choose from Mini Cakes, Cupcakes, Mini cheesecakes, Push Up Cakes, and Cakes in a Jar. We deliver all of these to your door and can ship Cakes in a Jar.

Previously, I have owned a gourmet gift store and a small catering tea and dessert company. I have also taught classes on the history and art of Tea, and hope to continue to teach classes in the future.  We can assist you in Baby Showers, Birthdays, Bridal Showers and office events. Keep us in mind for your next occasion.


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