Cupcakes Traditional – Ask about Gluten Free options

Southern Red Velvet – Smooth red velvety cocoa cupcake with rich cream cheese frosting. Topped with a cinnamon chip.

Chocolate Espresso – The perfect after dinner indulgence, this cupcake combines dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, rich mocha butter cream, and is topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean (on request).

Candi’s Chocoholic Chip – A triple chocolate cake, filled with chocolate chips, topped with ganache and a mocha frosting. You may need to go to Cupcakes Anonymous after this one.

Orange “Spice” Cardamom Cupcake – Orange sponge cake filled with spices, orange blossom water and frosted with a vanilla pistachio frosting.

Banana Bliss Chocolate Chip – What else needs to be said? Bananas and chocolate chips. Topped with chocolate frosting and chocolate chips on top with a banana slice.

Key Lime – This paradise offering matches a sour cream cake with freshly prepared key lime curd. Topped with a vanilla frosting,  grated lime zest and graham cracker crumbs.

Lime in the Coconut – Or should we say, a key lime cake filled with shredded coconut and frosted with a coconut frosting and toasted coconut, a perfect combination of sweet and tart.

Sydney’s Strawberry Supreme – Sydney’s favorite strawberry cupcake filled with strawberries baked into the cake. Topped with fresh Berries and strawberry frosting.

Lori’s Lemon Curd & Coconut – Luscious Lemon Cake filled with lemon curd and topped with a coconut frosting and shredded coconut. You can add a  fresh blueberry in season. A perfect summer dessert.

Lemon Twist  – Moist sour cream cake filled with lemon curd and topped with butter cream and lemon zest.

Just Delicious – Simple has never tasted so good with this traditional combination of fluffy yellow cake and white or chocolate butter cream.

Black Tie – An elegant yet understated combination of dark chocolate cake with a thin layer of chocolate ganache and finished with vanilla butter cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Orange Blossom – A wonderful pairing of orange and chocolate, this orange cake is studded with bits of chocolate and freshly grated orange zest. Rich chocolate ganache surrounds a simple butter cream orange blossom.

Banana Peanut Butter – A moist banana cake topped with a layer of chocolate ganache, and a creamy peanut butter frosting.

Tropical Pina Colada – A coconut pineapple cake topped with pineapple rum butter cream and shredded coconut.

Carrot – A delicious carrot cake made with ground walnuts, carrots, and pineapple with spices and a cream cheese frosting.

Pumpkin Cupcake Sweetie – This terms of endearment cupcake is filled with pumpkin goodness. Available in the fall and winter months.


Cheesecakes (2 bite size)

Sweet Curry Chocolate Cheesecake – These 2” mini cheesecakes are the perfect 2 to 3 bite treat. Made with bittersweet chocolate, cocoa, curry and cardamom and topped with coconut and chocolate ganache.

Pumpkin Cheesecake – One of Candilands’ specialty items. Filled with spices and topped with cinnamon cream.

Almond Raspberry Cheesecake – Almond flavored creamy cheesecake with a fresh raspberry.

Double Lemon Cheesecake – A creamy lemon cheesecake swirled with lemon curd.


Blueberry Cinnamon – Blueberries and cinnamon taste delicious together in these scones.

Cranberry Orange – These scones are perfect with a cup of tea and they have an orange icing drizzled on top.

Cinnamon Cream Scones – These scones have delicious cinnamon chips baked right in the scones. You can serve these with a cinnamon whipped cream.

Lemon Lavender Scones – These scones are filled with the fragrance of lemon and lavender. Serve these at your next party and your guests will be asking for more.

Pumpkin Spice Scone – Pumpkin, Cinnamon, and a mix of spices make this scone a treat in the fall and winter months.

We also have the following flavors available:

Peppermint mocha chip

Lemon lavender

Lemon basil

Peanut butter and jelly

Cherry lime

Dulce le leche

Strawberry Tiramisu Temptation


Pumpkin spice