Start off the New Year with new choices in Desserts

It can be hard to be a cupcake dessert company in the month of January. There are people making new years resolutions and budget resolutions, but did you know that Candiland Dessert Company can help you with some of your new diet restrictions?

Vanilla Cupcakes


There are now options for your desserts. You can choose from traditional or Gluten free or Vegan. You don’t have to give up great taste because you want to cut out dairy or gluten from your diet.

Next time you want to send a gift to someone for their birthday, or to the office that you want to thank, thing about Candiland Dessert Company. We can deliver that gift for you with just a phone call.  Make sure you follow us on twitter, facebook and instagram to see about new cupcake flavors and daily deals.

Gluten free desserts ready to deliver

I am so excited. I have been waiting for my designer Jessica,  from The Frilly Coconut to finalize my site and I am so happy to say it’s here.

Jessica has been so easy to work with and when you meet someone online and put your faith in them, you hope they give you all they have.  And she did.  After I decided to work with her, I was looking up styles of sites that I liked and almost everyone I chose, I noticed, oh Jessica did that one too.

Candiland Dessert Company has just went through a branding and name change and even a product change. We now prepare most of our desserts free of gluten and refined sugar. Including some that are dairy free. Including, Cupcakes, scones, cakes and mini cheesecakes and more. Not only do we create and bake from scratch our products for your special occasion, but we also do weddings, baby showers and dessert bars for your home or office.  Here is our menu.

Wedding Cupcakes

Living in Palm Springs, you will find a lot of the population has dietary and/or  lifestyle restrictions. We are now able to give our clients their favorite desserts,  using the best ingredients along with delivery service to them for their special occasions.

We work out of a commercial kitchen but do not have a retail space. This way we can focus on recipe development and giving our clients want they desire. At this time we only deliver our delectable s locally, but our Etsy site will soon have items that can be shipped.

Our blog will focus on nutrition, recipes and entertaining with food. We will have some wonderful guest nutritionists sharing with us in the near future.

There are a few more things to finish on our site, so please be patient. I hope you will come back and visit, and let us know what you would like to see in the future. Or just leave a comment to say you found us and where you are from.